Verona September 2018
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We inform you, with pleasure, about our new reaòosations. They are 1/43 scale cars, in resin, with metal details, turned aluminum wheels, decal photoengraving and instructions. They are all available both in kit and built’up. The ARS and AREC series models are only available built in limited numbers.
References in scale 1/24 are always followed by the suffix 24 after the code
In detail :
Following many requests from collectors, it was decided to create a second series of some of our models.
Are 206 - Fiat 127 Abarth - This is the car used by Cavicchi and Rancati at the Criterium Molson, in Quebec, in 1978, which ended with a withdrawal. The car was decorated with the Alitalia sponsor, used on the official team cars.

The production of the series on the Stratos continues in the versions made by the Lancia racing department before the omologation in group four:

Are 906 - Lancia Stratos - car particularly significant, as evidenced by the first victory in France of Stratos, conducted by Andruet-Biche, the race is the Tour de l'Aisne, the year 1973.

Are 907 - Lancia Stratos - This specimen, used in a report on the entrance of Andruet-Biche in the Lancia racing department, is interesting because it has a rubber front spoiler and a configuration that was never used in the races. Note that the names on the doors are those of Munari and Mannucci.

Are 908 - Lancia Stratos - Exhibited at the Bertone stand at the 1972 Turin Motor Show is already almost in the configuration with which it will debut at the Tour de Corse.

Are 909 - Lancia Stratos - The first Marlboro livery, as it appeared in Biella in 1973. The car is equipped with the rear lights in segments, characteristic of the first prototypes and double wipers.

Are 910 - Lancia Stratos - One of the two cars used in the tests before the 24 hours of Chamonix in 1974, singular the rear painted black.

Are 911 - Lancia Stratos - Other presentation version, with Marlboro livery and red aurscoop in addition to raised rear cover.

Are 912 - Lancia Stratos - In the 4 Regions of 1974 the Stratos is very close to the final version. It is still equipped with cooling holes in the rear bonnet and the grilles behind the front lights, adopts for the first time the shutter to cover the bonnet.

Are 913 - Lancia Stratos - The other car deployed in the 4 Regions of 1974, for Ballestrieri and Maiga, it should be noted that this car has a rear hood with no ventilation holes. Due to the sizing of the suction unit a part of the new shutter has been cut ...

Are 914 - Lancia Stratos - This specimen was used in the Targa Florio 1973 tests, it is equipped with the rear side, which was used in 1972 and fitted with the aerodynamic appendages, seen on one of the first marking prototypes.

Are 915 - Lancia Stratos - Another configuration used for the 1973 Targa Florio tests.

Are 916 - Lancia Stratos - Still used cars for the tests of the Targa Florio of 1974, equipped with a 4-valve per cylinder engine.

Are 917 - Lancia Stratos - Reproduces the Andruet car at the tests of 1973 Ronde Cevenole, the aerodynamic configuration is then used in the race, has number 1 andsome different stickers.

Are 918 - Lancia Stratos - In view of the 1973 Tour de France, components were set up to improve the aerodynamic effect, here is how it was tested at the Casale circuit, with Claudio Maglioli.

Are 919 - Lancia Stratos - At the international rally of Sicily in 1974, Ballestrieri and Maiga flanked Andruet and Biche, with this car. They won the race.

Are 920 - Lancia Stratos - "Road" version equipped with short front bonnet used in the special stages of the 1974 Tour de France by Andruet and Biche.

These are the other news:

Are 879 - Porsche Carrera RSR - Car driven by Gentis and Polzet at the 1974 Tour de France, where they did not reach the finish line.

Are 880 - Porsche Carrera RS - Sponsor Christine Laure for the red carrera of Striebig and Roussely at the Tour de France in 1977, they finished in 3rd place overall.

Are 892 - Porsche 935/80 - Short tail version of the Bayside 935/80 team, deployed at the 6 hour Mosport in 1981 with Leven and Haywood, did not start due to an accident in the tests.

Are 893 - Porsche 935/80 - at the Daytona 24 hours of 1983, was sided with Haywood, Holbert and Leven, were ranked in 16th place despite not finishing the race.

Are 894 - Porsche 935/80 - Still the short version, deployed at the Pocono 500 miles in 1981 with Leven and Haywood, it ranked 6th overall.

Are 895 - Porsche 935/80 - At the 24-hour Daytona of 1982, Haywood, Holbert and Leven reached the 13th place overall.

Are 897 - Lancia Rally 037 - With this kit you can make the version of Capone and Cresto, European champions in 1984, shown here at the Costa Brava rally, and those used at the Acropolis 1984 rally, by the crews Zanussi Cresto and Pregliasco Cianci.

Are 898 - Porsche 935/80 - Haywood, Holbet and Leven led this contest to the 5th place overall at the 12 hours of Sebring in 1982.

Are 899 - Porsche 935/80 - At the 12 hours of Sebring 1983 Haywood and Holbert drove this Porsche to 3rd place overall.

Are 903 - Fiat 124 ST group 1 - Official Fiat car, deployed at the Rally dell'Isola d'Elba in 1973 with the couple Ormezzano and Cartotto, finished in 5th place overall and the first in Group 1.

Are 904 - Fiat 124 ST Group 1 - Unlucky participation in the 1973 Monte Carlo Rally for the Italians Pittoni and Braschi in the race with this 124 ST of Group 1.

Are 905 - Fiat 124 ST group 1 - In 1973 the Lloysd Adriatico team became the main satellite team of Fiat, deploying the 124 abarth and the Group 1 ST in the Italian championship and in the National Rally Trophy. The models shown here refer to the 1973 Linea Mobile Rally and were conducted by Pittoni and Cavriani.

Are 921 - Fiat 242 «open» - This kit is supplied without a decal and already equipped with rear doors and a separate side door. A series of useful accessories for the realization of small dioramas is also provided.

Are 923 - Fiat 131 Abarth - With this kit it is possible to reproduce the Fiat France cars used by the riders Michele Mouton and Jean Claude Andruet at the 1978, 1979 and 1980 editions of the Tour de France.

Are 938 Porsche 935/80 - Leven and Haywood at 150 Miles of Road Atlanta in 1981, were classified in 19th place even if I do not sell the race.

Are 943 - Porsche 935/80 - Hurley Haywood, third place at the Final 250 miles of Daytona in 1981.

Are Tk72 - Contains accessories to equip a Porsche assistance van. Two nose pieces, a bonnet with additional lights, jerrycans crates and spare wheels, without decals.

We begin, after a long period of study and research, the production and marketing of cars participating in the five editions of the Carrera Panamericana that took place in Mexico from 1950 to 1954. We wish to thank, for the precious collaboration, Alberto Balestrini and Fernando Reali (for the prototype of the Lincoln Capri), Javier Ungil, without which the project could not be realized, Eugenio Carboni and Carlo Rovatti for the documental and operational contribution, Corrado Crivellaro (to whom we owe the prototypes of the Porsche 356), Stefano Adami for the usual, irreplaceable support.

Are 924 - Porsche 356A Spyder - Participant in the third edition of Carrera in 1952, led by Von Metternich and Linge, they reached the 25th place overall,

Are 925 - Lincoln Capri - It was one of the most used cars in the editions from 1952 to 1954, both by the official team and by private pilots. This car in the 1953 Carrera race with Ward and Spickler retired following a serious accident.

Are 926 - Lincoln Capri - Another participant in the Iv Carrera Panamericana in 1953, this Capri, led by Mc Grath and Ferguson, finished in 9th place overall, third of the Lincolns at the finish line.

Are 928 - Lincoln Capri - Johnny Mantz, promising Nascar driver, participated in the Carrera since the first edition. Here is reproduced the car used in 1953, where coupled with Bill Stroppe, came in 10th place overall.

Are 929 - Lincoln Capri - Faulkner and Daigh at the Carrera Panamericana of 1952, they finished in 9th place overall

Are 930 - Lincoln Capri - Participant in IV Carrera in 1953 with Vukovich and Houle who retired during the race.

Are 931 - Porsche 356 A - Deployed at the V and last edition of the Carrera in 1954, led by Belcker and Estrada, ended in 67th place.

Are 932 - Lincoln Capri - Crawford and Valdez, withdrawn during the race at IV Carrera in 1953

Are 933 - Chrysler Saratoga - The two cars of the team of Carl Kiekhaefer, deployed at the Carrera Panamericana of 1951 with the crews Bettenhausen, Metzler (n.7) and Fitch, Williams n.32. Bettenhausen arrived at 16th place while Fitch retired.

Are 934 - Chrysler Saratoga - At II Carrera in 1952, this Saratoga, led by Mc Fee and Thompson, did not come to the finish.

Are 935 - Chrysler Saratoga - American actress Jacqueline Evans, participated in all editions of Carrera. In 1951, he led, with Diaz, this Chrysler, with whom they retired by accident.

Are 936 - Chrysler Saratoga - Cunningham team car, deployed at Carrera 1951 with Walters and Bourguignon, did not come to the finish.

Thanks for the attention. Best regards.

Arena Models sas


Verona February 2018
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We inform you, with pleasure, about our new reaòosations. They are 1/43 scale cars, in resin, with metal details, turned aluminum wheels, decal photoengraving and instructions. They are all available both in kit and built’up. The ARS and AREC series models are only available built in limited numbers.
References in scale 1/24 are always followed by the suffix 24 after the code
In detail :
The series on the Stratos continues in the versions made before the group four homologation.
Are 847 - Lancia Stratos - The cars entered by the official team at the Targa Florio in 1974, it is the winner of Larrousse and Ballestrieri, with the No. 1 and No. 3 of Munari and Andruet who retired on the second lap.
Are 850 - Lancia Stratos - Jean Claude Andruet, paired with «Biche» continued the development of the Stratos, participating in numerous tests in France. This is the reproduction of the winning car at the Neige et Glace of 1974.
Are 851 - Lancia Stratos - Still the French crew, this time at the Ronde de la Giraglia in 1974, where they were still winners.
Are 852 - Lancia Stratos - This is the last appearance of a Stratos prototype in a rally. The Rally is the Eastern Alps of 1974, the team was composed by Munari and Mannucci, n, 1, immediately withdrawn and by Ballestrieri and Maiga n.3 that will retire during the race.
Are 870 Are TK70 - Fiat 242 - Another vehicle supporting the Tre Gazzelle West team in the first half of the 80s. The transkit, composed of decal and lroof rack, is also available for use on die cast models.
Are 871 Alfa Romeo GTA 1600 - The rules of hillclimb racing have always allowed the creation of cars very elaborate and equipped with specific aerodynamic solutions, these cars were inclided in Group 5, silhouette. The one depicted, made by the well-known tuner Angelini, was deployed with Smittarello at Trento Bondone in 1976.
Are 872 - Alfa Romeo GT - Two extreme cars in the silouette category and lined up at Trento Bonsone in 1976. With the n.274 the GT 1300 of Paolo Lara, while with the n.332 the 2000 GTAM of Sacchini.
Are 873 - Alfa Romeo GTAM - Another GTAM silouette was the one made by Bellina, with this kit you can make the car deployed at Trento Bondone 1977 and also those participating in the Bressanone Samt'Andrea and Bolzano Mendola of the same year.
Are 881 - Corvette C3 - This car set up by the well-known tuner and driver John Greenwood, on chassis 011, was built for the first time in 1978. In the current configuration belongs to Lance Smith.
Are 882 - Corvette C3 spider - Winner of the GT category and 11th overall with Johnson and Johnson, at the 6 hours of Watksin Glen in 1968.
Are 883 - Corvette C3 - With this kit you can make two versions of the car deployed at the 24-hour Daytona of 1971 with Heinz and Costanzo who ranked eleventh and the one used at the 12 hours of Sebring of the same year, where Johnson added, they finished in 10th place.
Are 884 - Corvette C3 - Retired at the 24 Hours of Daytona 1970 with the crew Johnson - Johnson - Greendyke.
Are 885 - Corvette C 3 - Still the two Johnson with Greendyke, participated in the 12 hours of Sebring in 1970, where they ranked 11th place overall.
Are 886 - Corvette tubular frame - In 1977, thanks to the most permissive rules of the Imsa category, John Greenwood decided to prepare a new car based on Corvette but equipped with a tubular frame and innovative technical solutions. With this kit it is possible to realize the version of the 6 hours of Watksin Glen, where Greenwood was flanked by Smooters. And also the ones entered at 100 miles of Brainerd and at the 250 Miles Daytona Paul Revere.
Are 887 - Corvette tubular frame - The chassis 001 was sold by Greenwood to the pilot Jerry Hansen who, almost without making changes, led her to some races in the Scca series, coming, among other things, to 5th place at Road America.
Are 888 - Corvette tubular frame - The second tubular frame made by Greenwood was destined for John Paul who had a new body built and painted the car in the classic blue of his team's cars. It was ranked 8th in the Laguna Seca road race in 1978. With this kit it is also possible to make the versions 00 miles Lime Rock and 100 Miles Brainerd.
Are 889 - Corvette tubular frame - in the second part of 1978, John Paul, not particularly satisfied with the car, made some changes to the chassis body and engine and sided in some races at the end of the season. This is the version enetered at Road Atlanta 100 miles where he finished 23rd.
Are 890 - Corvette tubular frame - in 1979 John Paul sold his "002" to Tico Almeida who lined up at the 12 hours of Sebring in 1980 together with Rodriguez and Riano, did not reach the finish line, were classified in the eighth place overall.
Are 891 - Porsche 935/80 - Sponsor Lowenbrau for the Porsche of Holbert, Ballot Lena and Haywood, 46^ classified at the 12 Hours of Sebring of 1984.
Are 896 - Porsche 935 M16 - Deployed to the 24-hour Daytona of 1984 with Rubino, Romero, Bundy and Wittington, it ranked eleventh.
Are 897 - Lancia Rally 037 - In the period 1984/85, the Tre Gazzelle team, supported by West, took part in the most important rally competitions in Europe. With Carlo Capone and Sergio Cresto, it won the European championship. In 1985 it ran some world championship races. With the kit it is possible to realize the car n.2 of Capone and Cresto, withdrawn at the Costa Brava 1984 and the cars of Zanussi - Cresto, number 7 and of Pregliasco - Cianci, n.10, both retired at the Acropolis Rally 1985.
Are 900-24 - Porsche Carrera RSR - The famous RSR of Al Holbert, built in 1/24 scale. with this kit it is possible to re-create the Mid Ohio versions 5 hours 1974 winner with Holbert and Gregg, 24 hours of Daytona 1976, second classified with Holbert and Ballot Lena and 12 hours of Sebring 1976, winner with Holbert and Keyser.
Are 901 - Double car transport trailer - This trailer is inspired by the one built by the Almeras brothers in the 1970s for the carriage of two cars on a single car, the ascent of the vehicle on the upper floor was carried out using two mobile platforms particulary long, the appendix did not turn out to be functional and was soon abandoned.
Are 902 - Porsche 935/80 - With new colors and new sponsor, the 935/80 of Haywood and Holbert, assisted on the occasion by Ballot Lena, ranked fourth in the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1984.

The ARS versions are made in a limited number of 25 pieces and are available only assembled:
Ars 116 - Porsche Carrera RS 3.0 - Bruno Saby's only participation in a Rally aboard a Porsche, this is the Flandre Haunaut of 1976 where, paired with Tilber, he won the race.
Ars 117 - Fiat Ritmo 75 Gr.2 - made using a decal produced by Monte Model Mania, the model reproduces the Ritmo of Lier and Duvot retired at the 1979 Monte Carlo Rally.
Ars 118 - Fiat Ritmo 75 Gr.2 - Another "Swiss" Ritmo created by Monte Model Mania, is that of Mescia and Perrin, withdrawn on Mount 1979.
Ars 119 - Porsche 934 Turbo - Jacques Almeras and Jean Claude Perramond, fourth classified in the Giro d'Italia 1980.
Ars 120 - Porsche Carrera RS 3.0 - Decour and Sartou participated with this Carrera prepared by Almeras, at the Giro d'Italia 1979.
Ars 121 - BMW M1 Gr.4 - Giovanni Rossi and Barjou at the Criterium des Cevennes 1976.
Ars 122 - Alpine Renault A110 - Gr-3 - Fasan and Morosini at the Colline di Romagna 1971
Ars 123 - Alpine Renault A110 Gr.4 - Aldo Fasan again, this time with Alpine group 4 of the Giada at the 1974 Challenge Idrea.
Ars 124 - Alpine Renault A110 Gr.3 - "Tony" Fassina and Morosini with Alpine Renaul at the Rally of the Venetian Prealps in 1972.
Ars 125 - Alpine Renault A110 Gr.3 - Participation in the Rally of Monte Carlo 1973, with Alpine of Giada Auto for the Rombolotti brothers.
Ars 126 - Porsche 911 S - Participating car in the Rally of Montecarlo 1971 with the Italian crew Serblin - Casarotto
Ars 127 - Fiat 683N Bisarca - The latest version of the Lancia Hf team's transport vehicle, this version was used in 1978 for the team sponsored by Pirelli.
Ars 128- Ferrari 365 GTB 4 Daytona - Bali and Fracastoro retired during the 1975 Italian Auto Tour.
Ars 129 – Citroen C35 – Service van of the Almeras tean, made through the collaboration with provence Miniatures.
In the coffret series, available only assembled in a limited series, the following have been realized:
Arec 014 - Citroen C35 Team Almeras, Porsche Almeras and car cart. The van is decorated thanks to the collaboration of Provence Miniature Automobiles which made the decal.
Arec 015 - Fiat 242 Team Three Gazelle Bastos, Lancia 037 Bastos and car trailer.
Arec 016 - Fiat 242 Tre Gazzelle Wesi, Lancia 037 West and car trailer.
Arec 017 - Renault Stradair team Almeras (IXO) double car trailer and two Porsche Almeras.
Arec 018 - Fiat 242 Jolly Club Totip, Lancia 037 Totip and trailer for cars.
Thanks for the attention. Best regards.
Arena Models sas


Verona September 2017
Ladies and Gentlemen,
With pleasure, we inform you about our  new realisations. They are 1/43 scale model cars, resin made, with metal details, turned aluminum wheels, decal photoetched parts and instructions. They are all available  both as kits  and built. Models of the ARS series are only available built in limited serie.
Models XXX-24 refer to 1/24 scale, available only as kit.
In detail :
After years of research and comparisons with enthusiasts and collectors, and having achieved a large number of new prototypes, we start with the Are 835 code, the creation of a series of models that want to be a tribute to the rally car par excellence, the Lancia Stratos. We will go through the models of the genesis of the car, from the first mannequins (by omitting the so-called "zero") until the group 4 approval, which took place at the end of 1974. Salon cars will be proposed, prototypes used only for test or official race trials  and, of course, the cars used since the 1972 Tour de Corse. Some referencies, already made with previous reference , will be updated. Following is the first group.
Are 835 - Lancia Stratos Rally Firestone 1973 - Reproduces the car of Munari and Mannucci, which in 1973 won the first victory in a rally for a  Stratos. Honor was at the Firestone Rally in Spain.
Are 836 - Lancia Stratos Targa Florio 1973 - One of the few "racing" appearances of the Stratos is at Targa Florio in 1973, where the rallymen Munari and Andruet will arrive at the 2nd place behind and before the official Porsche.
Are 837 - 838 - Lancia Stratos Lyon-Charbonniers 1973 - The Frenchman Jean Claude Andruet was called upon to follow the development of Startos and, with the Torino coach and the faithful navigator "Biche", participated in many races in France. This model reproduces the car entered at Lyon-Charbonnieres, a challenging racing race between France and Germany to reach Stuttgart and the Solitude circuit. The car was equipped, on the track, with a bonnet other than the racing, with additional spoilers.
Are 839 - Lancia Stratos Giro d'Italia 1973- Entered at the 1973 Giro d'Italia, with Andruet and Biche, they didn’t finish.
Are 840 - Lancia Stratos 24 heures Chamonix 1974 - Entered in the ice race of Chamonix, in 1974, it was led by Munari and Andruet to the victory of the famous 24 hours.
Are 841 - Lancia Stratos Ronde Cevenole 1973 - The Ronde Cevenole has been a very prominent event in the 60s and 70s, and extremely challenging for pilots. Jean Claude Andruet ran it in 1973 with the Stratos featuring with big front and rear spoilers, he didn’t finish the race
Are 842 - Lancia Stratos International Rally of Sicily 1974 - The first race of the turbo version was the International Rally of Sicily in 1974. The supercharged version had no luck, in the hands of Andruet, supported by Biche and was forced to retire.
Are 843 - Lancia Stratos Rlly Paris St.Raphael 1974 - Participation at the Women's Rally Paris St.Raphael led to Stratos a special success, led by Christine Beckers and Biche.
Are 848 – Lancia Stratos Test 1972 – The first version of the Stratos for rallyes was tested by Munari in 1972 before the Tour de Corse. The car has the front and rear bonnets made in aluminium from the car realised to show. The same bonnets were modified in the front – to apply the lamps – and in the rear for the air intake.
Are 849 - Lancia Stratos Tour de France 1973 - The twin car of 1973 Tour winner, with No.110, Andruet and Biche Stratos.
Are 796C - Porsche Carrera RSR - Participating car with Ridgely and Heimrath at Sebring 12 hours in 1975. They did not finish the race.
Are 844 - Subaru Coupé 4WD Turbo - This model, which represents one of Subaru's first apparitions in the rally, is realized thanks to the prototype modeled by the enthusiastic French collector Jean Pierre Lamy and the collaboration with the famous rally co-driver «Tilber».
The kit reproduces the four cars officially entered at Safari Rally 1987, of which No. 1 led by Vatanen and Tilber, wholly 2nd place.
Are 845 - Datsun Sunny 120 Y - This model was also built on the prototype of the late Jan Pierre Lamy, who created it to enrich its collection dedicated to Ari Vatanen. This kit enables the Japanese Kojimoto-Morikawa car to be made at the 1976 Monte Carlo Rally.
Are 846 - Datsun Sunny 120 Y - This is the car of a little-known Ari Vatanen, competing at the Rothmans 747 rally in 1975, navigated by Philips.
Are 853 - Porsche Carrera RS - Almeras team car, conducted by Rey and Strotz at the Tour de France 1977, where he finished10th overall.
Are 854 - Porsche Carrera 2.7 RS - Still a Porsche deployed at the  Tour Auto in 1973, this 2.7 was led by Diebolt and Vast, did not reach the finish line.
Are 857 - Porsche 935 J - At the Giro d'Italia 1980, Moretti was flanked by Giorgio Schoen for the rally stages, that was navigated by Emilio Radaelli, the red 935 retired for engine problems during the race.
Are 858 - Porsche 935 J - Moretti's car was handed over to Colombian Mauricio de Narvaez, who reshaped it in blue and white, like its previous Porsche. He used it in several Imsa races, in 1981/82.
Are 859 - Porsche 935 J - One of the latest  apparitions fot the 935 prepared by Joest, used by Moretti in the Imsa series. This version was used at the Daytona Final 3 hours 1983, where in partnership with Van der Merwe, came to the 7th place absolute.
Are 860 - Porsche 935 - Looking back on the  story of Giampiero Moretti in the US, we find, in 1978, this 935 with which, in partnership with Mendez, participated in the 6 hours of Talladega, retiring by accident.
Are 861-24 - Porsche 911 SC - Scale 1/24 for the Martini sponsored SC entered at Safari 1978. The kit plays the cars of Waldegaard and Thorszelius and Vic Preston Jr and Lyall. It is possible to reproduce the model with a rear opening hood and engine detail.
Are 862-24 - Porsche 911 SC - The Martini team's fast-service car at the Safari rally 1978, led by Barth and Kussmaul.
Are 863 - Porsche 935 - Another version of the 935 Momo, as used in the Ports of Imsa in 1978, where it ranked second.
Are 864 - Porsche 935 – Entered by Jolly Club  at the Daytona 24 hours in 1979 with Facetti, Finotto and Moretti, who left the pole, retired in the race for engine problems.
Are 865 - Porsche Carrera 3.0 RS- With this kit it is possible to realize the Porsche of Roussely and Striebig in the race at the Tour de France and at the Giro d'Italia 1976.
Are 866-867 - Car transport carriage to an axle, interior or exterior. Made of metal are equipped with metal details and photo etching.
Are 868 Porsche 935J – Winner of the 1980 250 miles finale at Daytona with Moretti and Joest.
Ars 113 - Peugeot 207 S2000 - Continues the series dedicated to the winners of the 2 Valleys rally, this is the 2010 winner with Arbetti and Zantedeschi.
Ars 114 - Ford Fiesta S2000 - In 2011 the Rally 2 Valli is won by Scandola and Zampieri on board the Fiesta of the A-Style team.
Ars 115- Porsche Carrera 3.0 RS - British team car The Cequered Flag, led by Curley and Frazer at Circuit of Ireland in 1976, did not reach the finish line.
Ars 116 - Porsche Carrera 3.0 RS - The only appearance of Bruno Saby at the wheel of a Porsche, culminated with an absolute victory, the rally was the Flandre Hanaut 1976, co-driver Christian «Tilber».
Thank you for your attention
Arena Models sas


Verona January 25, 2017    
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We inform you with pleasure about our new achievements. These are model cars in 1/43 scale in resin, with metal details, machined aluminum wheels, photo etched parts, decals and instructions. They are all available in both as built and kit. The ARS codes are only built in 25 numbered pieces.
In detail :
Are 816 - Corvette L-88 - Driven by one of the best-known American pilots of the time, Jerry Thomson, this Corvette roadster won, in 1969, the category A production of the Daytona race of champions.

Are 817 - Corvette L-88 - winner with de Lorenzo and Lang of the GT class at the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1970.

Are 818 - Corvette L-88 - sister car to the one led by Thomson, the vette of Tony de Lorenzo at the race of champions of Daytona in 1969, he finished in 17th position.

Are 819 - Corvette C3 - led by Heinz, Clure and English, the 3rd place overall at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1973.

Are 820 - Corvette C3 - ranked fourth with Alex Davidson to race Scca Trans am at Pocono in 1975.

Are 821 - Porsche Carrera RSR – cat of the Brumos team, fitted with a special aerodynamic, was conducted by Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood to 9th place in the race Imsa at Mid Ohio in 1975.

Are 822 - Corvette C3 - Conduct by Hay and Nagel to 5 hours of Mid Ohio in 1974, this Corvette retired due to an accident but was classified in 36th position.

Are 823 - Corvette C3 - John Greenwood, he set up and led this car, with the American flag colours, to 1st place at Road Atlanta in 1970.

Are 824 - Corvette C3 – Still the John Greenwood Corvette as it appeared in the 1971 SCCA races.

Are 825 - Porsche Carrera RSR - fielded by Team Sonauto to the 1973 Tour de France, with Ballot Lena and Morenas, this car did not reach the finish .

Are 826 - Porsche Carrera RSR - In 1974 the Carrera of Sonauto team was deployed again in the Tour Auto, this time with the female crew Charlotte Vernay and Madeleine Fouquet, they finished in 14th place overall.

Are 827 - Porsche 911 2.2 S - psychedelic decor for the Porsche of Egreteaud and Rolland, withdrawn to the 1970 Tour de France.

Are 828 - Porsche Carrera RSR - Conducted by John Paul to 6th overall at the 100 miles of Mid America in 1977.

Are 829 - Porsche 911 - Equipped with a tubular chassis and the engine moved to a central position, this 911 took part in several races imsa in the 90s, here is the version view of the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1994, where he led by Hicks , Butt, Johnson and Zitza, was forced to retire.

Are 830 - Porsche 934 – Entered to 6 hours of Silverstone in 1977 with Brambilla and Moretti, he finished 7th place, 1 ^ of the GT category.

Are 831 - Porsche 934 - Purchased by the American team electrodyne, the 934 Moretti kept Momo livery but was used by Vincentz in some races in the IMSA series in 1979, depicted here the view version of the 500-mile Mid Ohio.

Are 832 - Are tk62 - Fiat Ducato - used by the italian team Tre Gazelle this vehicle was the assistance of the Lancia Delta 4WD sponsored Bastos.

Are 833 - Are tk63 - Fiat 242 - Other vehicle used by Tre Gazelles, followed in european championship the Lancia 037 Bastos.

Are 834 - Are tk64 - Citroen C35 - made on the basis of Mini Racing, as well as the previous ones, this van was supportive to the Porsche SCRS of Ras Sport team.

Ars 109 - Lancia Stratos - to rally Costa Btava of 1977, the Chardonnet team led by Darniche and Mahé, because of a hit, destroyed the rear hood that was replaced by that of the car of Spanish De Bragation, giving rise to this curious blue / green version.

Ars 110/111/112 – Fiat 683N car transporter – These three models represent the truck used by the official Lancia Team in 1972 to 1974 (Marlboro) in 1975 first period Alitalia and from secpnd period of 1975 to 1977 sith the white/green Alitalia. The set is completed by race and support cars relatives to each period.

Coffret new- a new limited edition serie, only built, realized with some of our products with a specific link. Actually available some “service” cars or vans with trailer and a correlated race car.

Thanks for the attention.
Arena Models sas


Verona 25 settembre 2016    
Dear Sirs,
With pleasure, we inform you about our new realizations. They are model cars in 1/43 scale, resin made with white metal parts, turned aluminium wheels, photoetched, parts decals and instructions. Ar all avilable as kit or built.
The ARS references are avilable only built in limited edition.
In detail :
Are 808 – Porsche 911 SC Gr.4 - Car entered by team Publimmo, driven by Eklund and Spjit at 1981 Swedish rally were they classified 5th overall.

Are 809 – Porsche Carrera 2.7 RS – The Swiss driver Claude Haldi, togheter with Khalfi finish the 1973 Tour de France at the 5th place overall.

Are 810 – Corvette C3 – Tony de Lorenzo and Steve Durst driven this vette at the Sebring 12 hours in 1973, they didn’t finish the race for engine problems but they were classified 47th overall.

Are 811 – Corvette C3 – Entered by team Dx at the Sebring 12 hours in 1968, driven by Don Yenko and Pedro Rodriguez, this car was not at the finish.

Are 812 – Corvette C3 – Another team DX car, this spider won the GT class at Sebring in 1968 with Dooley..

Are 813 – Corvette C3 – Thomson, Harrell and De Lorenzo, at the Daytona 24 hours in 1969 with the Owens Cornuing vette, they didn’t finish.

Are 814 – Corvette C3 – This spider run with Barker at the Scca race in Bergen in 1969.

Are 815 – Porsche 911 SC – Car of the Imsa Gtu category, driven by Koll at Sears Point in 1981, finished 2nd overall.

Are 815b – Porsche 911 SC – Another version of the Koll Porsche, enetered at Sebring 12 hours in 1981, when Koll was with Kline, they didn’t finish.

Ars 108 – Fiat Punto Super 2000 – This model represent the winner of the Coppa Italia round at the 2 Valli rally in 2013, the team was Chentre and Florean, The model is made on an AD model base.

Thank you for your attention. Best regards.
Arena Modelli sas


Verona May 2016 NEW MODELS    
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We inform you with pleasure about our new products. They are model cars in 1/43 scale resin made, with white metal details, turned aluminum wheels, photo etched parts, decals and instructions. They are all available both as built or kit. The models of ARS serie are available only built in limited numbers.
In detail :
Are 777 - Vauxhall Firenza - First of a series of new models dedicated to this car, in Firenza configuration and Magnum. This specific, driven by Dale and Stark the 1973 Rac rally. They did not finish.

Are 778 - Vauxhall Firenza - Also on the 1973 Rac rally, this is the car of Hill and Broad, also withdrawn.

Are 779 - Vauxhall Firenza - Thompson and Islay, not concluded the Rac 1973.

Are 780 - Vauxhall Magnum - Andrew Cowan, with Mc Neill, led the Magnum n. 30 of the RAC in 1974, with no luck, retiring during the fifth special stage.

Are 781 - Vauxhall Magnum - Hill and Bryant concluded at 23rd place the Rac 1974.

Are 782 - Vauxhall Magnum - Colours of DTV factory team for Airikkala and Davenport, in the Rac 1975 where they reached absolute 20f and Jimmy Mc Rae, Muir in the edition of 1976 which concluded at the 12th place.

Are 783 - Vauxhall Magnum - Even Jimmy McRae and Muir, at the Rac 1977, this was one of the last races of this car, the couple does not conclue the race.

Are 794 - Porsche Carrera RSR - 7th classified to 24 hours of Daytona in 1980 with pilots De Narvaez, Naon and Leondomo.

Are 796 - Porsche Carrera RSR - Ludwig Hemrath brought this car to 6 hours of Road Atlanta 1974. He was ranked, while retreating to 39th place overall. His companion Cook, made no stint.

Are 796b - Porsche Carrera RSR - At 6 hours of Watksin Glen 1974 Hemrath in opiates with Cook, they came to the 4th place overall.

Are 805 - Fiat 131 Abarth - Entrant for local importer Autonovo, Marku Alen and Kivimaki led the official Abarth 131, the victory, in 1976, 1000 lakes.

Are 807 - Porsche Carrera 2.7 RS - Swaton and Cordesse they finished on the 5th place overall and first in Group 3 at the Monte Carlo Rally in 1977.

Are 806 - Skoda Fabia R5 - Playback of the winning car of the Rally 2 Valli 2015, conducted by Scandola and D'Amore. basic model of AD Model.

Ars 105 - Ford Focus WRC - Winner of the Rally 2 Valli in 2013, conducted by Porro and Cargnelutti. Model-based AD model

Ars 106 - Peugeot 207 S2000 - Victory for Cantamessa and Bollito at the 30th edition oft he 2 Valli Rally in 2012. basic model of AD Model.

Ars 101 - Porsche 930 Turbo - This car tuned by Orlando Redolfi, runner-up with the same Redolfi and Calderoli, the ac Mantova rally of 1985.

Ars 102 - Porsche 911 SC - Redolfi and Calderoli retreated to Vallii Imperiesi of 1983.

Ars 103 - Porsche 911 SC - Participation in the Rally Vierre City of Bardolino to Redolfi and Calderoli, they didn't finish.

Ars 104 - Porsche 911 SC - Again a car of Orlando Redolfi, conducted by the local driver Ronca with Fasoli to 10th place in the town of Bardolino Vierre 1983.

Ars 106 - Porsche 911 – Another Porsche of Orlando, this one entered at Veneto Rally in 1986 with Zordan and Dalla Benetta.

Ars 108 - Fiat Puinto S 2000 –In 2013 for the first time wthe 2 valli Rally was splitted in two. In the Coppa Italia final, the winner was Chentre with Florean. Base model AD Model

Thanks for the attention.
Best regards.


Verona 25  January 2016    
With pleasure, we inform you about our new realizations. They are model cars in 1/43 scale, resin made with white metal parts, turned aluminium wheels, photoetched, parts decals and instructions. Ar all avilable as kit or built.
In detail :

 Are 776 - Dallara X 1/9  - Sponsored by Olio Fiat in the trypical colours blue/yellow, this Dallara entered in group 5 at the 1977 Vallelunga 6 hours with the drivers Guglielmo Manini and Roberto Curatolo, they finished 8th overall..

Are 784 – Porsche 935  – Cra winner with "Victor" and Monticone of the 1977 Giro Automobilistico d'Italia .

Are 785 – Porsche 935 – Another protagonist of the italian races in the ‘70s was Martino Finotto togheter with Mohr, driven this 935 at the 1977 Giro d'Italia they didn’t finish.

Are 786 – Porsche 935 – In 1978 the couple "Victor" and Monticone were again at the start of the Giro d'Italia with the Porsche but, that year, they had no chance to finish.

Are 787 – Porsche 935 – Also Finotto, in that year togheter with Facetti take part at the Giro d’Italia (1978) , in the team theer was also De Antoni, as rally co driver, for the special stages, they finished at the 2nd place rear the Marku Alen’s Stratos..

Are 788 – Porsche 935 – Two winners of the rpevious edition of the Giro d’Italia, « Victor » - 1977 - and Casoni -1973 – entered togheter at the 1979 edition. They drove a Porsche 935 sponsored by Ovoro. During the special stages the car was equipped with a strange support for the additional lamps. They didn’t finish teh race.

 Are 789 – Porsche 935 – The same car at the previous reference but here in configuration circuit with a big front bonnet similar to teh one used on the official Porsche 935 at le Mans in 1978.

 Are 790 – Lancia Stratos – This car, tuned by Facetti had an inijection admission system, and a specif body with a front spoiler and rear extensions, also teh dashboa was different to the other group 4 Stratos. Entered at 1976 Giro Automobilistico d’Italia, driven by Ricci and « Biche », they finished 18th overall.

 Are 791 – Lancia Stratos  – In 1977 were Bacchelli and Rossetti to enter the Facetti’s Startos at the Giro d’Italia, they didn’t finish. In 1979 the car was used by Claudio Magnani, togheter with Serena Pittoni – for teh rally stages – and Sergio Cresto as rally co driver. They finish 3^ overall and 1st of the group 4.

Are 792 – Porsche 935 – Entered at the Daytona 24 hours, in 1978 with Facetti and Finotto, this car didn’t finish for engine problems but was classified 66 overall.

 Are 793 – Porsche 911 Carrera – This model is the first using a new specific body that is the one used in the States in Imsa and Trans Am races. The first model is the car entered at the Mid Ohio 250 miles 1979 with the De Narvaez brothers Mauricio and Pedro they didn’t finish but were classified 43^ overall

Are 795 – Chevrolet Corvette - One of the first realizations of the mytic tuner and driver John Greenwood. Togheter with Rutherford, enter in the 1973 Watksin Glen 6 hours were they finished 9^ overall.

Are 795b – Chevrolet Corvette – Another version of the Greenwood vette, is this one that arrived 3 rd at the Trans An race in Watksin Glen in 1973, were, with Greenwood, run Johnson.

 Are 797 – Porsche Carrera RSR– National sponsor for the Colmbian driver De Narvaez, that with Garcia e Naon, entered in 1979 Mid Ohio 250 miles. They finished 11* overall

Are 802 - Porsche Carrera - Almeida Morejon and Sioto, finished 7^ overall at the Daytona 24 hours in 1983.

e Carrera – This car entered, without finish the race, at the Riverside 6 hours in 1983 with Bob Gregg. Jones and Young.

 Are 804 - Porsche 911 SC – Car of the vasek Polak team enetered at Sears Point in 1982, with race number 26 with Karl Durckheimer. Finished 18^ overall.The second version is referred at the Trans Am race in Portland in 1981 were he classified 21th but didn’t finish the race.

Are 798 – Fiat Daily – These services van are relized on a base made by AD Model, we add some parts like the rack for the roof and decals for teh specific decoration. This one reproduce one used by the Lancia martini team in 1983

Are 799 – Fiat Daily – Thsi particular version, in red colour, of the lancia martini team, was used only at the Safari Rally in 1983. Afetr the race they remains in Africa as services for the dealer and driver Vic Preston.

Are 800 – Fiat Daily – Service van of the Fiar Alitalia team in 1978/79

Are 801 – Fiat Daily - Inl 1980, Alitalia was not sponsored the Fiat team, they were not painted in the colour of the official team but in occasion of the Rally Montecarlo they partially cancel the script to obtain the Fiar Italia.

 Thank you for your attention. Best regards.
 Arena Modelli sas


September 2015 NEW MODELS
Verona 21/09/15
Dear Sirs,
 With pleasure we inform you about our new realisation. They are kit and built model in 1/43 scale, kit in 1/24 scale, transkit in 1/43 scale, built specials (ARS) in limited edition.
In detail :

 ARE 753 -Lancia Rally 037 1982 – This is the first edition of the Lancia 037 as it runs in the first period of 1982. With this kit is possible to realize the cars of Bettaga and Alen at Costa Smeralda, the ones of the same drivers at Tour de Corse, those of Alen and Vudafieri at Acropolis and those used by Vudafieri at Elba Island and Colline di Romagna.

 ARE 754 -Lancia Rally 037 1982 – This is another of the first 037 as it was entered at 1982 Rally 4 Regioni, for Zanussi and Bernacchini, by the private team Jolly Club, sponsored by Totip.

 ARE 740 - Porsche Carrera RSR – Tuned By Ennio Bonomelli that was also the driver with Pica as codriver, this RSR was entered at 1974 Giro d’Italia, They didn’t finish.

 ARE 739 - Porsche Carrera RS – Car used for the fast support of Almeras team at 1978 montecarlo’s rally.

 ARE 745 – ARETK 054 - Fiat 242 – Available as kit or transkit, here is possible to realize the van of the official team Fiat Abarth, supported by Olio Fiat, in use from 1975 to 1977..

 ARE 744 – ARETK 053 Fiat 242 – Again kit or transkit for the anothr van of the official Fiat team in the period 1978/1979.

ARETK 055 – Fiat 242 - This transkit follw the kit previously realized, referred to the Fiat 242 sponsored Totip, used by the team Jolly Club.

 ARETK 056 - Fiat 238 – Other transkit on diecast base to realize the small van 238, other support vehicle of the team Fiat Abarth.

 ARETK 057 - Volkswagen T2 – With this tnskit is possible to realize the van of Martini Porsche for 1978 Safari Rally.

 ARE 736 - Porsche 911 SC – We have realize a very special kit for these two important cars. New Body chassis interior, tyres are special for the martini Porsche of Waldegaard Thorszelius and Preston Lyall as they enter at 1978 Safari Rally.

ARE 737 - Porsche 911 SC – Fast supporta t the martini team for safari 1978.

 ARE 738 - Porsche 911 SC – Another car of the Porsche team at Safari 1978 was this SC equipped with a special refresh system..

 ARS 097 - Subaru impreza WRC – Garosci and Tmaini win the 2007 2 Valli Rally with this Impreza. Model realized on Racing 43 base in a limited ediion, only built of 25 pieces.

ARS 099 - Porsche 911 Turbo - Entered at 1983 Monte Carlo Rally, for Fossa and Muillenot, this Porsche didn’t finish.

ARS 098 - Porsche 911 Carrera RSR – Winner of the 500km of Alicante Rally in 1974 driven by gargallo et Lewin.

ARS 100 - Porsche 911 SC – Benoit and Aillaud, finish at 31st place at 1983 Montecarlo Rally.

ARE 773-24 - Porsche 911 SC Gr. 4 – Reproduction in 1/24 scale (only kit available) of the team Almeras Porsches at montecarlo 1982. N.4 for Frequelin and Fauchilel finish 4th and n.8 for Therier and Vial arrived 3rd.

 ARE 771-24 -Porsche 911 SC Gr. 4 – Another 1/24 Porsche in the classic Esso Almeras livery. This is the one of Mikkola and Hertz that didn’t finish the 1980 edition of Montecarlo rally.

 ARE 608 - Alfa Romeo Gta – A new version of the Gta that run in the States in the ‘60s. This one driven by Del Taylor, run at Riverside Trans Am in 1968. 

ARE 772 – Alfa Romeo Gta – Rolland and Augias finished at 2nd place at 1966 Tour de Corse . 

ARE 774 - Alfa Romeo Gta –  Bianchi and Harris, with this Autodelta’s GTA , finished at 6th place at 1965 Tour de Corse.

ARE 775 - Alfa Romeo Gta – Another car tuned by Autodelta, again at Tour de Corse 1965 for Masoero and Maurin, they didn’t finish.

 ARE 743 - Fiat 131 Panorama – Support car of team Fiat Abarth from 1975 to 1977.

 ARE 742 - Fiat 131 Panorama – From 1978 to 1979 Fiat was supported by Alitalia and also the support vehicles were painted with this livery.  

ARE 741 - Volvo 142 – Entered at 1971 Safari Rally for teh swedish Soedestrom and Palm, This Volvo, sponsored by hella, finish 24th overall.

ARETk 058-059-060-061 – These transkits are sets of accessories for support vehicles, they are completed with specific wheels and front bonnet for Lancia Stratso, Lancia 037 and S4 and another one with wheels cromodora for a Fiat team. All are without decals and photoetched.

 Thank you for your attention. Best regards.
 Arena Modelli sas